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Reporting from Tucson: A photojournal (continued)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

We hung out a bit in the back fields this morning for about an hour, but there wasn't a whole lot going on back there.  I'll show a bit from that, but first, here's a pic of Jorge de la Rosa pitching from today's game.


It is marginally interesting I suppose.   But here's a good sign.  This pitch was a fastball.  I took two others at the same point of the delivery (one fastball, one curveball), and all three are completely indistinguishable based de la Rosa's delivery.  Duplicates.

More to follow.


Seriously, if Hi Corbett Field can be this proud of the Rockies winning the pennant, couldn't we get a bigger representation at Coors?



As we walked passed the minor league fields, it started literally raining balls.  Whoever was taking batting practice on the AAA field was launching them over the fence.  I retrieved a Sally League ball and mkorpal picked up one from the Pioneer League that had been deposited in the parking lot.  I never caught who was hitting, but I did see him hit the top of that tree there (in the purple circle).



Aaron Cook stops to sign a baseball card for a fan.



Cole Garner stands nearby the autograph line, but no one asks for his John Hancock.  Poor Cole.   I would have asked for one in a second if I had anything with me to sign.  Or a pen.  Oh well.



Dejectedly, Cole walks off towards Hi Corbett for the game.  It ends well though.   Four kids stopped him for an autograph not a minute later.



Rockin' the PR shirt.  The only person who commented on it today turned out to be the father of our old friend PioneerSkies.  Turns out he's rather busy with a 65+ hour job and can't visit the site much anymore.  He says hi, and I might meet him for the game tomorrow in Peoria.


Matt Daley makes a kid's dreams come true.  Or at least makes his day.



Every time I see Taylor Buchholz, I immediately get very happy.  It's almost as if he is a box of kittens.



Taylor is happy to take a picture with a fan.  He's so cute.



I really want to see him on the mound again.


Lastly, here's something you rarely see on a major league baseball field:

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