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Spring Training Game #18: Jason Hammel vs. Ryan Rowland-Smith

For the Rockies, expect Hammel to get quite a few innings as the team stretches out its starters more, but Esmil Rogers, Matt Daley, Juan Rincon and Andrew Johnston are also listed in the press pass as scheduled to pitch in Peoria this afternoon. The game's supposed to be available both via MLB.TV and Gameday Audio, although being in Peoria also means we'll likely get live updates with MLB Gameday rather than the inning by inning mode most of the games come in.

I'll be paying attention, but probably won't comment much myself, as it's a rare sunny afternoon in Cincinnati, and I want to take as much advantage of that as possible. Also, I have to finish reading a Dostoevsky story for research, so if I sound glum and misanthropic in my comments, blame the Russians.