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Friday Rockpile: Huston Street's MRI results turn out negative; Plan B at first and Plan C, D(?) at closer

Twitter / Jon Heyman: mri on huston street's sho ...
Street's MRI results came back negative.

Giambi excited for season - The Denver Post
Jason Giambi wants the season to start because he wants to bat when real games are on the line. And he's part of Plan B should Todd Helton ever be out for an extended period of time this season. Giambi would share first base duties with Brad Hawpe and Melvin Mora in that case.

Paige: To close, Corpas must be '07 model - The Denver Post
With Huston Street out for an indeterminate period of time, Woody Paige informs us that Jim Tracy would like Manny Corpas to step up and take the closer position. Thing is, Corpas needs to be in his '07 form. Or something. All those rays emanating from Skipper Sunshine are distracting.

Hardball in the Rockies: Buchholz will face hitters Saturday
Despite the day in the headline, Thomas Harding reports Taylor Buchholz will throw live batting practice today.

Baseball Prospectus | Contractual Matters: NL West Projected Payrolls (Subscription Required)
Jeff Euston looks at the projected payrolls of the NL West teams and breaks down their future commitments. For the Rockies, Euston writes:

"In addition to Helton, GM Dan O’Dowd has signed eight players to contracts of three years or more, providing the club an affordable core of young talent for the near future."

PADRES ANALYSIS: Status of Gonzalez remains in limbo
Twitter / Dan Hayes: Hear #Padres not intereste ...

Adrian Gonzalez is willing to take deferred money to stay in San Diego, but the Padres don't want to go that route if they need to pay interest on the money.