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Using FanPosts and FanShots

How to use FanPosts:

The Community Guidelines for posting a FanPost are:

* A FanPost must be a minimum of 75 characters in order to be published. If you need to add filler in order to publish, it is not a FanPost. It should be a comment somewhere, most likely in the Rockpile or Pebble Report.

* A FanPost must in some way belong on PR--in other words, it must relate to the Rockies, or to baseball, or to PR, or to an existing thread or FanPost, etc.

* A FanPost should not be used for self-promotion.

* A FanPost should not be your first foray into Purple Row.

Tips on writing good FanPosts:

Some of the qualities that the most popular FanPosts often have in common are:

* They expand upon the main idea with supporting examples, or statistical data, or a link to a relevant article, or a "thinking question" for others to consider, etc.--something beyond just the main idea itself.

* They explore a topic, idea, or question that has not been explored recently, or at all, on PR.

* They are not to be used as a form of advertising. 

Keep in mind that if your FanPost contains only one point or idea that is not developed, expanded on, or supported with arguments or data, it is really not a FanPost--it is a comment that should be posted in an existing thread, FanPost, or FanShot.


Here is a link to learn how to use FanShots.

FanShots should also not be used for self-promotion.