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Rowbot Radio - Episode 8

<em>Rowbot Radio</em>
Rowbot Radio

Welcome to Episode 8 of Rowbot Radio! On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the final bullpen spot (as if we hadn't enough already), our thoughts on Jim Tracy's ordering of the starting rotation, and what do to with Jeff Francis if he isn't ready to go at the start of next week.

Last week, we got a total of two comments. One of which was from Andrew. Sad day. We know people are listening out there. Feel free, as always, to ask a question and post a comment (love or hate us).

For those of you who wanted to hear us talk about our NL West opponents, look for some discussion to happen on next week's opening day episode.

A quick notice: April represents the final month of college classes for me before graduating. This will lead to a great deal of more free time on my part, and by the end of May, depending on when I move back to Denver, when I get a job, and other factors, I will begin experimenting with some new and creative ways to spice up the show. I intend to try a live show at least once, though that may be a LONG ways off, as well as have some of our favorite fellow Rowbots on as guests. For the next month, though, you'll have to listen to Andrew and I complain a lot. Sorry. But if you have any ideas that you'd like to throw in there for me to begin looking into for some testing later on down the road, please let me know.

Rowbot Radio - Episode 8