Huston, We Have A Problem

I'll get right to the point. I'm extremely concerned about Huston Street. Not in the "oh it's gonna be a rough April without him" sense; I'm talking about the "we might need a new closer for the season" sense. Why do I think this? Well let's start by going over what we know.

1) There is something wrong with Street's shoulder.

2) The team has absolutely no clue what's causing the problem and no MRI has indicated that there is any structural damage.

3) The problem isn't going away as Street has now had to stop throwing multiple times this Spring.

4) We have no idea when Street will be ready to go.

I'm not a doctor, but knowing this really makes me think that it's going to take more than rest to fix whatever it is that's ailing Street. Again, I'm only speculating here, but I'd say it's extremely likely that there is a bigger problem with Street's shoulder that just hasn't been discovered yet. It's the simplest explanation to what's going on and unfortunately for this situation, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

So now we are faced with the old "what if" game. What if the problem doesn't go away; what if there really is something badly wrong with Street's shoulder; and the scariest of all, what if Street is gone for the year and we need a new closer? You may be reading this and thinking it's just crazy RIRF pressing the panic button way too early and there's nothing to worry about, but I think this is a possibility that the Rockies have to seriously start considering. It's not imminent doom yet, but it's a scenario that's certainly in the cards and seems to be becoming more likely with each passing day that we don't get a definitive answer on Street's shoulder.

Instead of me going over all of the options for closer if this nightmare scene were to play out, I'll direct you to the article Jeff wrote on the subject last week (which can be found here). Jeff did an excellent job with this and even sprinkled in a little humor (which you probably need by now).

I want you to read the options a little differently this time though. I want you to consider each option as our closer for the season and not just for a month or so. Does your opinion change? Do you still feel comfortable with Morales as the closer? I can tell you right now that the alcohol consumption in my house is going to skyrocket if I have to watch Franklin finish off games for the entire season. What about Betancourt? Do we tell him to just get over the fact that he doesn't like pitching in the 9th? How about Matt Belisle? Do we have enough confidence that he has turned a major corner in his career? Should we trade for a closer?

I think you get the point. No Huston Street means a whole lot of questions for the Rockies in the 9th this season. As far as I'm concerned they are questions that need to be asked now. At this point, I'll hope for the best, but I'm preparing for the worst.

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