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Thursday Knitpile: Homer, Alaska has a purl of a new business

Here's your daily roundup of knitting news to enjoy with your morning tea:

According to, Jules Joy and Sarah Browngoetz have teamed up to create CommuKnitty Stash, a "resource store for all things yarn-ish". Anybody heading up to Homer should definitely stop in and say hello. Just knit a purple row in your next sweater for us, ladies.

Meanwhile, it's going to take a delicate touch to present this interview with Marie Landry, founder of the Itty Bitty Tittie Knitting Committee, a company that hand knits prostheses for breast cancer survivors. It's one of those weird situations where we all want to chortle at the name but then you realize what a great cause it is and feel bad for laughing at first. At least, that's what it was like for me.

On the subject of knitting for cancer patients, the Tulare Senior Center's Arts and Crafts Club's Hats for Hope program is another great idea that needs to spread elsewhere. Seniors at the center keep themselves active by knitting caps for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

It's just not seniors that have hook and latched on to the idea of knitting caps for the needy, four fifth graders at Martin Luther King Elementary in Little Rock, Arkansas came up with a fantastic idea of knitting caps for preemies at the local hospital.

In the shadow of Mt. Shasta another knitter puts her craft to a good cause, Peggy Colwell uses knitting to build the confidence of disabled students at Foothill High school.

Finally, to close on a lighter side, be sure to check out Jennifer Levitz's article at the Wall Street Journal on truckers picking up the craft. This is probably a lot different than what most of us suspect goes on in those cabs at truck stops, now we have photographic evidence of the real truth.

Happy April 1st everybody, putting together the knitpile made me realize that I really need to get out and help my community more.