Opening Day In Pictures

It was a Beatiful Day- the exact song by U2 played while we walked up to Coors Field on. I came armed with my shoelaces and sign early, welcoming the Rockies home. Here I am standing on the purple strip of paint painted on the day before.

The Player, looking good on Opening Day, 15 minutes before Gate D would open.

Fans waitied anxiously for the gates to open.

Finally, they open! Halelujah! Cheers arose around the gate area.

Clear skies and a slight breeze- what more can one ask for?

There was even the sweet smell of baseball: freshly cut grass and hot dogs.

I went down to the rail and got a good spot in the front row to seek autographs.

While we waited, the media (Denver Post and FSN) photographed me- now I am famous!

Watching batting practice and cheering as the players walked by was awesome:

"Cookie, your hair! It's.....long!.....I still don't know how I feel about your hair."

"Seth please sign my magazine!" (Seth walks by, unfazed, being cool.) "Oh well. Your awesome!"

Tulo, Stewart, Barmes, and Todd stretching after batting practice.

A bunch of people and I were yelling in hopes of getting autographs:

" Todd! Todd! Please, Todd! Tulo! Troy! Mr. Tulowitzki? Barmes!"

Jim Tracy came to sign. He never came towards our area, though. Hours (it felt like) later, after BP AND stretching, Todd walks over to the kid next to me to do sigs! The kid had a sign that read, "You're the reason I'm here Todd!"

"Thanks for your loyalty!" I said

"Yep" (or something) Todd muttered.

He then signed my Rockies magazine.

You're awesome, Todd!

Spilly then came by, and I aggressively went to get his sig. He signed my Spilly Slam ticket.

"Thank you so much!" I said.

The balloons are let off after our National Anthem. Play Ball!

My first hotdog of the year! Sweet Deliciousness!

I got back to my seat, then proceded to spill mustard on my skirt.

Everything else was beautiful- the mountains, the game, the weather.

It was an awesome Opening Day!

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