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Rockies 6, Mets 5: Chris Iannetta's 10th inning walk-off home run propels Rockies to victory over the Mets

Chris Iannetta went from costing the Rockies tonight's victory in regulation innings to hitting the game-winning home run in 10th a short while later. With a 5-4 lead in the bottom of the ninth, Franklin Morales came in to save the game, and fans took to their preferred brand of stomach-settler. But Morales wasn't the problem that inning. It started with a Gary Matthews Jr. "single" hit toward Troy Tulowitzki. In actuality, Tulo received a generous scoring decision on a botched grounder.

With Jose Reyes at the plate, Matthews stole second and then advanced to third on a bad throw by Iannetta. Morales struck out Reyes, but then gave up a sac fly to tie the game. Really, Morales doesn't deserve the blown save that appears in his stat column now.

Enter the bottom of the 10th. Chris Iannetta leads off the innings. Foul ball. Ball. Ball. HOME RUN! Redeemed. Victory.

Ryan Spilborghs contributed heavily to this game withe his three-run homer in the third inning to put the Rockies up 4-3. Clint Barmes (second inning) and Dexter Fowler (fourth inning) each drove in a run.

Aaron Cook could have done better. He allowed three runs in six innings. All three came on home runs (Francoeur solo shot, two-run blast by Wright). He had trouble staying in the strike zone, walking four. Offensively, Cook wound up with two doubles, and he scored in the fourth inning on Fowler's single.

Randy Flores entered the top of the 10th with two outs and men on second and third. With the game on the line, Flores handled the high leverage situation well and got Alex Cora to line out to Barmes. Matt Daley was nails in the seventh inning.

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5 - 3


Won 3




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Comment of the night goes to a comment at Amazin' Avenue

Want to become a Mets fan....

Want to find new and intereseting ways to lose games….

Want to know what the real definition of "collapse" means.

Want to see Mike Jacobs bat 5th(honestly no one does, not even the man himself)

Want your brain trust to be Omar and Jerry

Want a 20 year old phenom pitching on the big club…

Want an uninspired team….

Its all yours and more.

Omar and Jerry, dumbest tandem in baseball.

by TKFJ on Apr 15, 2010 12:30 AM EDT