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Saturday Rockpile: Rox continue to run themselves out of innings

Rough night last night for Denver sports fans. Being a Utah Jazz fan, I hope it continues to be slightly rough tonight.

Base stealing not hot topic - The Denver Post
The Rockies have really hurt themselves on multiple occasions this season by being perhaps too aggressive on the basepaths. What do you guys think of this strategy? My thoughts are that it's pretty easy to say it's a bad idea because of the fact that the Rockies seem to get caught every time. And, speed between the bases isn't something that normally improves throughout the season. However, maybe the guys will learn to get better jumps as the year goes on. I'm just not sure that I want to see it get to that point...

Fowler all too familiar with braves' big rookie - The Denver Post
Dexter Fowler was introduced to Jason Heyward in high school and they've been buds ever since, and the two worked out together during the offseason. When Fowler was in high school, he was introduced to Heyward - who was the same size as Dex despite being four years younger. Also in the article, Renck states that Carlos Gonzalez should be back in the starting lineup tonight.

Mike Lansing Field garners USA Today Honor - Casper Journal
The Casper Ghosts' ballpark was named one of the "10 Best Places to Make a Baseball Pilgrimage."

Who Would You Rather Have: Braves Trio vs. Rockies Trio - SB Nation
Take a minute to give your input on this topic, which was posted on the main SB Nation site a few minutes ago. As the article says, the discussion started over at Talking Chop during last night's game. (tip o' the cap to ATF)