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Spring Training Game #31: Aaron Cook vs. Ryan Rowland-Smith in Albuquerque

So Seattle's slogan this season is "Believe Big", which totally sounds like something David J. Schwartz would say. Actually, it is something that David J. Schwartz said. The Mariners ripped their 2010 slogan right out of a self-help book apparently. I don't know how much confidence in the organization this would give me as a fan, it's like saying, "we know we've been pathetic for the last little bit, but we've found this book and it's turned our life around. Things will be different now, we swear." I've been down this road with people. It almost always ends badly.

If I was a Mariners fan living with that slogan, I would be really worried that the team would try to rope me into some MLM scheme at the stadium this year. "Hey fans, while you're here, why don't you check out our great new Amway kiosk on the concourse, and don't forget, Believe Big."