Adopting The Rockies

I have decided to "adopt" the Colorado Rockies as my favorite NL baseball team.... You may be asking yourself why I would do such a thing. I'm from the Twin Cities originally, and live in Iowa, mostly write about Iowa State Athletics, so what do I care about the Colorado Rockies? Right?

Well, one of the below choices is why I'm adopting the Rockies:

1. Ubaldo's No-No

2. Because Purple and Black are my favorite colors

3. Because trying to get my 2 year old nephew to say "Tulowitzki" five times is hilarious.

4. Unwilling to part with my Todd Helton and Jason Giambi jerseys that I bought back in 2000....

5. Because I like rooting for teams in divisions were anyone can win (Like I said, I'm from the Twin Cities and am a Twins fan. I know all about mediocrity in the division).

6. Because the Rockies are NOT one of the 6 teams blacked out on in Iowa.

Ok I lied.... None of those are reasons why I'm adopting the Rockies as my NL team, and not even all of them are true.... I don't have a Helton nor do I have a Giambi jersey. I've never had my nephew say Tulowitzki, although I promise if he tried, it'd be hilarious!

My wife is relocating to Boulder for a job, and I will be spending a bunch of time in the area for the forseeable future. We've been to Coors field before, and had a blast! I know she is excited to have a "home" team for the first time ever in her life. I like a lot of the players on the Rockies, and think they are a fun team to watch.

I'm not going to fake the funk though. I'm not going to act like I was there from day 1, nor will the Rockies replace the team I grew up watching. But in baseball, I think there's enough room to have a team in each league, without causing too much conflict.

I look forward to reading this site on a regular basis, and participating in banter with other Rockies' fans!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).