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Saturday Rockpile: Aaron Cook tries to regain his effectiveness, more

Rockies-Marlins rained out Friday, doubleheader Saturday | All Things Rockies
How about an old-fashioned twin bill today? Hopefully, the weather holds up the day after the Rox and Coors Field saw baseball's first postponement of the 2010 season. Also, hopefully the Rox are able to get about 12-14 effective innings from Greg Smith and Aaron Cook. In any case, all I'm asking for is more innings than runs allowed.

Tracy says key to untrack cook: keep throwing - The Denver Post
Speaking of Aaron Cook, Jim Tracy's plan for getting Cook back to being his usually-effective self is to simply send him back out there every fifth day and let him work it out. I have faith in Cook, but he has been prone to injury over the past couple of seasons, and that question is one that can easily pop into one's head after a string of bad outings such as the ones that Cook has experienced thus far. A couple of key factors to look at: his BABIP allowed is only 12 points above his career average, and although the sample size is very small, his K:BB rate isn't looking good at this point. Let's hope it's just a case of being on the Rockies in April/May and nothing more.

Colorado Rockies return to ballpark for the first time since death of president Keli McGregor - ESPN
The Rockies must be anxious to get back on the field, which I imagine is a big part of the elixir for helping to put the tragedy behind them. Should be a very emotional weekend in Denver.

American Chronicle | Sky Sox infielder makes most of Triple-A opportunity
Brent Briggeman of the Colorado Springs Gazette has a nice piece on Rockies' minor leaguer Warren Schaeffer. Check it out - especially if Rox Girl piqued your interest about Schaeffer in this absolute gem of a Pebble Report from earlier in the week.

Baseball TV analyst helps stop plane passenger - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
There's no way that the crazed passenger ever stood a chance against Kevin Kennedy.