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Rowbot Radio - Episode 11

<em>Rowbot Radio</em>
Rowbot Radio

Welcome to Episode 11 of Rowbot Radio! On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the sudden passing of team president Keli McGregor, some musings on lineups and defensive alignments behind certain starters, the San Diego Padres and their excellent week, and Andrew points out some flaws in our offensive game using some statistical magic. And we do all of this while watching game 1 of Saturday's double header, a decision that will probably not be made again.

This episode is not the best quality. It's got a few stuttering issues in the recording I discovered too late in the process, and we may have gone overboard with the stats. That said, please tune in and give us some topics to discuss next week. Rockies related, or otherwise.

Also note, this was recorded on Saturday, before, Brad Hawpe was sent to the DL and Eric Young was called up. That will be covered next week.

Here you are.

Rowbot Radio - Episode 11