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Diamondbacks 12, Rockies 11: Neither the Diamondbacks nor the Rockies wanted to win this contest, but one team had to--unfortuantely, it was the D'Backs

This was a roller coaster of a game, and the ending wasn't satisfying. No Rockies loss is. The graph explains this game pretty well:



There was deep despair after Greg Smith's horrible first inning in which he allowed six runs. He surrendered four hits (one going for a three-run homer) and walked three. But the Rockies still had their 27 outs left to go. Little by little the Rockies came back. Carlos Gonzalez started it with a homer in the second, his third of the season. Then the Rockies combined to score ten runs over the third and fourth innings.

Unfortunately, it was those zeros after those two innings that didn't help as the pitching put up other numbers on the D'Backs line on the scoreboard. Matt Belisle did well in his first three innings of relief of Greg Smith, but he came back out to start the fifth inning. He didn't stay long, leaving after a Justin Upton RBI double and a Mark Reynolds walk. Matt Daley relieved him and allowed the two inherited runners to score. After Rafael Betancourt allowed two runs to tie the game in the eighth, Franklin Morales came in to pitch the ninth. He didn't quite have it, hitting a batter and then walking two to load the bases. John Hester hit into a fielder's choice, which resulted in a throw to the plate. Miguel Olivo manged to get the ball and keep the tip of his cleat on the plate to get the out. Stephen Drew flew out to Seth Smith to end the inning. He followed that in the tenth inning with a leadoff homer to Kelly Johnson.

Diamondbacks starter Kris Benson left the game early with shoulder discomfort and may head to the DL after tonight's MRI.

11 - 11


Lost 1


Like Jack Kerouac's novel, the Rockies are On the Road.

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