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Thursday Rockpile: Attention Jhoulys and Esmil, a two story plate glass window of opportunity is about to open

Maybe it's not even a window, more like a hangar door of opportunity that's opening up for young Rockies starters Jhoulys Chacin and Esmil Rogers after a poor start by Greg Smith yesterday afternoon, and with three fifths of the projected 2010 rotation already on the shelf. At any rate, this weekend the Rockies have two talented young arms that certainly appear capable of stepping in and performing well for the team in a series against a Giants squad that figures to compete with Colorado for the NL West title. It's been sort of a working thesis that at least one of these two pitchers or perhaps Christian Friedrich if he hadn't run into elbow issues would likely need to be in the major league rotation in 2011, it seems that clock may be getting accelerated.

The good news to be found in this (until Chacin and Rogers actually take their starts, when more good news could come about) is that this is happening early enough in the season that the Rockies should be able to get a decent read on whether they will need to pursue rotation help before the trade deadline. If both pitchers adjust well to the majors this time around, there won't be a need to make a major in season move, if both fail there might be.

The big point of Rockies news sources this morning is the relief needed by the Rockies relievers after a series with the Diamondbacks that saw them pitch 18 of the 28 total innings in the series. Jim Armstrong and Irv Moss both touch on the theme. Well, enter Chacin and Rogers, neither of whom have really been stretched beyond six innings this season, as well as Aaron Cook, who is coming off of a complete game in his last start.