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Spring Training Game #32: Jorge De La Rosa vs. Doug Fister

This will be the last tuneup for the Rockies before they commence the season against the Brewers on Monday. Watch for my first edition of Know Your Foe to appear Monday morning.


Lineups (per Renck)


1. Eric Young, Jr., 2B
2. Carlos Gonzalez, CF
3. Todd Helton, 1B
4. Jason Giambi, DH
5. Brad Hawpe, RF
6. Miguel Olivo, C
7. Seth Smith, LF
8. Ian Stewart, 3B
9. Clint Barmes, 2B
Pitching: Jorge De La Rosa




1. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
2. Chone Figgins, 2B
3. Franklin Gutierrez, CF
4. Milton Bradley, LF
5. Mike Sweeney, DH
6. Jose Lopez, 3B
7. Casey Kotchman, 1B
8. Rob Johnson, C
9. Jack Wilson, SS
Pitching: Doug Fister

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