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Wednesday Rockpile: All About the Pitching

Though last night proved that the Rockies will in fact lose some games this year as the lineup struggled at times with lefty Randy Wolf, the Rockies can still achieve a victory in every series they play in. With familiar foe Doug Davis on the mound for the Brewers this morning, we could very well have our first cheap tacos of the year.

Greg Smith had a rough first inning last night, putting the Rockies in an early hole, while Matt Belisle couldn't keep the Brewers' lead at one. Dave Krieger thinks the Rockies need to clean up their defense and their bullpen pitching.

Speaking of the bullpen, Tracy Ringolsby notes that prospect Esmil Rogers, added to the roster as a long man due to Jeff Francis' injury, could be staying longer than expected. He theorizes that Jim Tracy wants a long man in the pen and that Joe Beimel, who will probably be added to the roster soon, doesn't fit the bill. If you ask me, the most likely solution to this problem is that Jeff Francis returns from the DL in a couple of weeks, pushing Smith back into the pen as the long man and Rogers back to AAA. However, the Rockies may option Manny Corpas down to the minors and bring up Beimel when he is ready.

Personally, I'd rather just have Beimel replace Rogers soon and have the Rockies stretch out Corpas or Belisle as the long man rather than keep Smith in the role long-term.

Taking the ball for the first time in the 2010 regular season today is 2008 All-Star Aaron Cook, who is committed to getting the Rockies into the playoffs and boasts a new breaking ball. It will be interesting to see if he's got the movement on his sinker back where he wants it against a tough Milwaukee lineup.

Thomas Harding writes that Francis threw off the mound yesterday and experienced no pain. He also has notes about Franklin Morales and Huston Street. Renck writes that the Rockies are taking it slow with Street.

The Brewers are big fans of Ubaldo Jimenez--when they aren't facing his stuff.

Eric Young Jr. is playing the waiting game, writes Irv Moss. Barring injury or ineffectiveness, he could be waiting for a while.

Finally, the first regular season CBS Sports power rankings take a pessimistic approach to all the teams in MLB but have the Rockies in 4th position.