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Rockies 4, Brewers 5: Rockies score early, lose later in game

The Rockies started off hot in this contest during the first at-bat. Carlos Gonzalez hit a single and moved over to second on a wild pitch. After a Dexter Fowler walk, Troy Tulowitzki unleashed his hit stick with an RBI double. Fowler, who moved over to third on that play, eventually scored on a second wild pitch in the inning. Melvin Mora rounded out the scoring with an RBI ground out. In the third inning, Miguel Olivo hit his first homer as a Rockie. Not much else happened with the offense after that.

In the fifth inning, Dexter Fowler started the inning off with a double and advanced to third on another wild pitch. However, Troy Tulowitzki followed that up with a strikeout, and then Jason Giambi received an intentional walk once two non-intentional balls occurred. Miguel Olivo ended the inning with a double play. The offense managed to put a runner on third in the seventh inning, but nothing came of it.

Aaron Cook peaked in the third inning of the game when he struck out the side (Rickie Weeks, Carlos Gomez, and Prince Fielder). Cook pitched in six innings, allowing five runs (four earned). Things finally unraveled in the sixth with back-to-back singles to start the inning. George Kottaras hit a sac fly to tie the game at four. Randy Flores entered the game to face Jody Gerut, who promptly doubled down the right field line. The Brewers took a 5-4 lead.

On the bright side, Manny Corpas looked good out there, striking out Rickie Weeks to end the sixth and K'ing Ryan Braun in the seventh. He also got Prince Fielder to fly out. Rafael Betancourt struck out two in his eighth-inning appearance.

So, did Tracy make the right decision in changing the lineup today? If Todd Helton played first today would he have been able to get that Jody Gerut double to right field? Questions, questions, questions. But, hey, we're only three games into the season.

Home Opener on Friday.

1 - 2


Lost 2


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