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Giants "Beat" Rockies 6-1

I guess we're supposed to believe the shadow government's claim that the Giants defeated the Rockies 6-1 today behind a one hit pitching performance by Matt Cain (1-1). After all, nobody could see the game that didn't go to the stadium. I figure that the Rockies were confused about whether the game actually counted in the standings from their performance today.


Only a Troy Tulowitzki double off Cain in the fourth saved the Rockies from a serious no-hit bid by Cain. The Giants' hurler went eight innings and struck out eight, while rookie Esmil Rogers (0-1) had a rough first start, allowing five runs (four earned) on five hits. Most of the damage was off the bat of former Rockie Juan Uribe, who hit a three-run homer in the second. Yuck.

On the positive side, Todd Helton knocked in a run in the ninth on a two-out single. Yeah, that's about it.

There's nothing to do but forget about this one ASAP and move on, hoping to win with Jhoulys Chacin tomorrow.


11 - 13


Lost 3


 Graph, etc. after the jump.

Pretty much a flatline here:



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