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Tuesday Rockpile: Maybe All This Team Needs is a Doctor Visit

"There's no WAY you think I'm still doctoring the ball now...."
"There's no WAY you think I'm still doctoring the ball now...."

Pick your source.  It doesn't matter which one.  Any story about the Rockies this morning suggests the Rockies are playing bad baseball, so it's almost amazing they have managed to stay within two games of .500 and four games of the playoffs.  It's not as if Jim Tracy needed any help tinkering with the lineup construction, but injuries have forced him to throw every in but the kitchen sink at the lineup card, so it's no wonder they are "out of sync," as Jason Giambi has said.

It was announced Saturday that Manuel Corpas had earned a shot at the ninth inning.  With Franklin Morales unavailable due to shoulder inflammation, the Panaman got his first chance in a tie game in the ninth and promptly surrendered four runs.  Perfect.  It's not as if several posters here recognized he strand percentage and BABIP suggested an artificially low ERA or anything.  For the record, Corpas has now been scored upon in three of four May appearances, tallying a 9.53 ERA.

If you've been shouting "HURRY BACK HUSTON!", he has heard you.  Street's rehab schedule has been mapped out.  He will get into rehab assignment Thursday at AA Tulsa, followed by an appearance Saturday and two innings Tuesday.  After pitching Friday and Saturday in Colorado Springs, he'll be in line (barring setbacks) to be activated  May 25, just in time for four consecutive series against the NL West.

As WolfMarauder suggested over the weekend, Carlos Gonzalez was placed on the bereavement list to make room for Brad Hawpe.  Fortunately, that means Troy Tulowitzki is unlikely to land on the disabled list.  According to Troy Renck, there's even an outside chance Tulo will play tonight, though it is more likely that he'll rest it and play Thursday, especially if Wednesday's game is snowed out.

At least Jason Giambi has shown that he is not, in fact, blind.  The former AL MVP notched more hits last night than he had all season to this point, and he credits using a pitching machine.  I don't know what to think about that.  If that was the fix, super, the Rockies may have a useful bat again, but what took so long to think of using a pitching machine?

Should we panic?  On one hand, this team is in far better shape than the 2007 and 2009 teams at this point.  On the other, there's absolutely no solid foundation for expecting the Rockies will pull off MLB's best comeback for three of the past four years.  

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Kiszla: Simply, sadly bad ball - The Denver Post
Naturally, Mark Kiszla has something to say, since the team is struggling.  Not that I need to inform you, but his logic is almost completely detached from reason.


Lock and Gload: Phillies 9, Rockies 5 - The Good Phight
The story start with "Eight innings of offensive frustration..."  Phillie fans are obviously outright spoiled.  Any team should take five runs in eight innings.


Elbow stiffness keeps Lidge out of ninth | News
"Lidge said that he felt some stiffness in his right elbow after picking up a save Sunday against the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park which carried into Monday."

As Andrew Martin FanShotted this morning, certain metrics suggest the Rockies' defense isn't nearly as bad as you think.  I checked in with Baseball Prospectus, and they rank the Rockies 14th in defensive efficiency.  There's a difference there, though both rate the Rockies as above average.  It seems the team converts enough of the difficult plays to counterract the routine boots.  Naturally, it doesn't make it any less frustrating when a play should have been made.

2009 4th round pick Kent Matthes is finally returning to action.  The 23-year-old outfielder tweeted that he will be reporting to Single-A Asheville today.