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Wednesday Rockpile: A Snow Day in May

Rowbots, today I write to you as a free man--undergraduate education complete (but sans job). It's a nice feeling, one that won't go away despite wintry conditions in May that will postpone two, maybe three or four Rockies games in a row. The Rockies say that there is a doubleheader planned for today, but from where I'm sitting that's just not going to happen. And you know what, as cool as it would be to see Roy Halladay pitch at Coors Field for the first time ever, it's a lucky break for the Rockies, who buy themselves another day to get healthy. Of course, this is Colorado and everything could clear up in a few hours -- in that scenario, at least we'd have two baseball games to look forward to.

The big news today, though, is the roster move that the Rockies made, placing struggling lefty Franklin Morales on the DL with rotator cuff inflammation and keeping  Esmil Rogers on as a reliever. Morales likely will be on the DL for as long as it takes to build up strength in the injured arm. Before last night's postponement, it was scheduled to be Edgmer Escalona that took Morales' place, but now he'll be shuttled back to the minors as the returning Jason Hammel takes Morales' roster spot -- call him Casper.

On the whole, I'm okay with this set of events, as it allows a young promising arm like Rogers to remain in the big leagues and make an emergency spot start and/or serve as the long man. As Russ commented on the Pebble Report this morning, Jeff Francis looks to be about ready for the big leagues, so it's probable that Greg Smith would be sent down when Francis comes back. I've said it before, but it needs to be said again -- considering the circumstances, in my opinion the Rockies have performed quite well so far. Now that the circumstances are improving though, I want to see some improved results.

There was a heartwarming Phillies story and a not-so nice one today. Ageless wonder Jamie Moyer, who has been in MLB six years longer than I have been alive, is bringing his charitable Camp Erin project to Denver this year. If it weren't already so before, I am officially a big fan of Moyer now.

I put that story first to show that all Phillies aren't sign-stealing good-for-nothings -- at least, that's what MLB warned Philadelphia for doing in Monday night's game (their second such accusation this year). It's not like the Phillies' powerful lineup needed the help, but it does make it a lot easier to hit when you know what pitch is coming.

Now, nothing has been proven, and the Phillies probably aren't the only ones doing it (if indeed they are), but it doesn't look good for Philadelphia. After all, there are lots of people around the nation looking for an excuse to hate the Phillies due to their success and their rowdy fan base, and this gives those people some ammunition to use (a la the Patriots in football). I happen to really like the Phillies (second favorite team) not only because am I from the area but also because they have Chase Utley and the aforementioned Moyer. However, I'll admit that my Phillie phandom wanes a little in the wake of this news.

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Troy Renck addresses our concerns about the constantly shifting batting lineups written up by manager Jim Tracy in his mailbag, though he explains that the shifting is due to injuries and ineffectiveness. In my opinion, this is true to an extent, but it hardly merits the lineup roulette Rockies fans have dealt with of late. Renck also answers questions about the bullpen and the perks of his awesome job. Guess who is a just graduated, jobless Rockies fanatic with writing experience Troy (hint hint)?

As an official confirmation of what several have already commented on, the Rockies released pitcher Tim Redding and his unfortunate facial hair from their AAA staff. And there was much rejoicing.

In power ranking news, the Rockies are 12th in CBS' rankings and 13th in SB Nation's. Both think that things are looking up for Colorado and I of course agree. I am after all at my core a fan.