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Friday Rockpile: Jeff Francis to make return on Sunday; Eric Young Jr. heads to DL with fractured tibia

Fractured tibia lands Young on shelf | All Things Rockies
Young injured; starts set for Hammel, Francis | Inside the Colorado Rockies

Multiple sources are now reporting that Eric Young, Jr. siffered a fractured right tibia in Wednesday's game against the Phillies. No word yet on how long he is expected to be out. Jonathan Herrera appears to be the choice to take EY's place on the roster. Herrera last played in the majors in 2008 when he spent a month and a half with the Rockies, hitting .230/.277/.279 in 66 plate appearances. With the Sky Sox this season, the 5'9" infielder is hitting .313 with a .772 OPS.

Just as EY goes on the DL, two more pitchers will come off the list. Jason Hammel and Jeff Francis will start Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Hammel, who was originally scheduled for a start back on Wednesday, bumps Greg Smith from his scheduled start. Francis will make his first start since 12 September 2008.

Nationals swamp Rockies with seven in eighth - The Denver Post
Jim Armstrong opines that, as of now, starting pitching will be the No. 1 reason the Rockies don't make the playoffs this year. Outside of Ubaldo Jimenez, the starting pitching hasn't looked good at all, be it from injuries or just simple poor performance. Let's hope Jason Hammel and Jeff Francis make that starting pitching look much better after the weekend is over.

Street throws scoreless inning in rehab | News
Huston Street, on rehab assignment, started a game for the Tulsa Drillers last night, allowed a hit, and struck out one. Taylor Buchholz, also on the road back from injury, threw a scoreless inning and struck out two for the Sky Sox.

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