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Sunday Rockpile: Cy-baldo and a return of Hammel-time have things looking up.

There are certain teams in the league that if you're a contender, you want to make sure that you come out on the winning side of the stick in the season series to save yourself some of the pain that could come later in honorably losing to other good teams. Much improved as they are, the Washington Nationals remain a club that good teams should beat, and the Rockies took a big step in winning the season series against them by sweeping the double-header yesterday.

Finishing the job is up to Jeff Francis and our bats against Scott Olsen this afternoon. Win and the Rockies will wind up with a 5-3 series edge for 2010, lose and they split. It's sort of odd to be finishing a season series so early, but our divisional competition has been able to already take care of similar season series against second-division opponents, with the Dodgers winning their season series against the Pirates and the Giants already taking five games from the Astros with only four left to play


Bad news on Huston Street:

Another Street setback could really hurt what's already an inconsistent bullpen. Here's hoping we get good news on Taylor Buchholz sometime soon.

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If Jimenez is number one, that makes the Rockies current rotation order after this last week's rain-outs:

  1. Ubaldo Jimenez
  2. Jason Hammel
  3. Jeff Francis
  4. Aaron Cook
  5. Jhoulys Chacin

By the time Jorge De La Rosa recovers it could be different, but as of right now he seems most likely to take Hammel's slot.