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Rockies 2, Cubs 4: Aramis Ramirez hits walk-off two-run homer in 11th inning to defeat punchless Rockies

Did you hear about tonight's game? The Rockies had eight hits, but then they also left eight on base. No one on the offense could get a hit when it was most needed. To tie the game at two, Miguel Olivo walked with the bases loaded. Let that sink in. Ian Stewart couldn't get a hit if his life depended on it tonight, going 0-for-5 with 2 K (-0.473 WPA). Clint Barmes went 0-for-4 to put up a -0.219 WPA, and Troy Tulowitzki put up a -0.189 WPA.

Aaron Cook turned in a good start and got rewarded with the no-decision. He allowed two runs in seven innings. Joe Beimel made a single pitch in the eighth and it turned into a Kosuke Fukodome hit, but Rafael Betancourt came in and finished the inning. Matt Belisle pitched the rest of the game and gave up the game-winning homer to Aramis Ramirez.

19 - 19


Lost 1




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