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Game #41: Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Roy Oswalt


Colorado Rockies @ Houston Astros

05/20/10 6:05 PM MDT

Colorado Rockies Houston Astros
Carlos Gonzalez - CF Michael Bourn - CF
Seth Smith - LF Jeff Keppinger - 2B
Todd Helton - 1B Lance Berkman - 1B
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Carlos Lee - LF
Brad Hawpe - RF Hunter Pence - RF
Miguel Olivo - C Pedro Feliz - 3B
Ian Stewart - 3B Tommy Manzella - SS
Clint Barmes - 2B Humberto Quintero - C
Ubaldo Jimenez - P Roy Oswalt - P

Somewhere along the line the Rockies need to come to the understanding that they are simply better than their opponents, and they need to play like it to restore the natural order to the universe. Until then, we're still going to be seeing chaos.