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Saturday Rockpile: Hammel injured (again), more Iannetta/second basemen trade chatter

RHP Jason Hammel Said Groin Injury Flared Up | Inside the Colorado Rockies
According to Tracy Ringolsby, Jason Hammel aggravated his groin injury last night and could wind up back on the DL, although Hammel thinks he can pitch hurt. We don't know too many details about this right now, but being the realist that I am, I don't think the Rockies will allow Hammel to pitch through the injury, so this could mean a few more weeks of Greg Smith. I really wish Jorge De La Rosa would come back already. Anyone else desperate/crazy enough to have the small thought in the back of their mind that the Rockies should just insert Christian Friedrich into the rotation instead of putting up with Smith for three to four more starts? No? Okay, sorry. Moving on...

Rockies on lookout for second baseman - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Rob Neyer's take on the Rockies' second base situation kind of mirrors mine. Why spend money or prospects to pick up guys that will offer no more than what Clint Barmes already has to offer? I understand Luis Castillo can get on base, and I understand that Kazuo Matsui was good a couple of years ago. But, they're both aging, and when you lump each of the three players' skill sets into a whole, Barmes is still probably a better, or in the worst case scenario, just as good of an option as the other two guys. I just don't think Barmes is THE guy that is holding this team down right now, though he is clearly the top scapegoat at this point.

Gammons On Martinez, Lowell, Iannetta: MLB Rumors -
During an interview with The Big Show on WEEI (Boston), Peter Gammons noted that the Red Sox "do really love Chris Iannetta" and tried to acquire him in 2008. Although trade talks have faded, Gammons thinks a deal could still happen later this year even though it seems the Rockies' demands are greater than what the Sox want to give up. The Rox really need to hold their ground on this one.

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Matzek and Arenado join Asheville | Inside the Colorado Rockies
(Sorry for stealing the thunder from the Pebble Report.) Nolan Arenado made his 2010 debut last night with Asheville, and had a couple of hits and two runs batted in in the Tourists' victory. Meanwhile, Tyler Matzek has reported to Asheville as well, although it is not yet known when he will make his first start.

Twitter / Troy Renck, Rockies: Interesting to see Giambi in the two-hole...
I guess interesting is one word you could use for how I feel about Giambi in the two-hole. What are some other adjectives we could use? Also, I understand that Ryan Spilborghs needs some at-bats, but they should never, ever come at the expense of Seth Smith vs. a right-handed pitcher. Jim Tracy's lineup tinkering is getting pretty unnecessary. It has become apparent over the past year that the players on this team like stability, so Tracy REALLY needs to settle down and find consistency when filling out the lineup card (other than, in my opinion, the occasional Dex vs. LHP/Smith vs. RHP platoon).

Jason Giambi worth consideration in fantasy for the Colorado Rockies' weekend series at Kansas City - Fantasy Baseball - ESPN
Eric Karabell thinks that Jason Giambi is a viable fantasy option during interleague play (in leagues that allow daily moves, anyway) and notes that Giambino has three homers in 16 AB's against Zach Greinke. Still doesn't justify him batting second...