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Sunday Rockpile: The doctors are IN. 5¢

It seems everybody has their nickel's worth of wisdom to dish out today. I don't really, but given that this is my post and I should probably try to make something of it, I'll point out one thing, from Irv Moss's Denver Post article linked below, Marc Gustafson had this to say:

"We have a few home run hitters in the organization," Gustafson said, "but our focus has shifted somewhat to on-base percentage. Home run hitters can strike out a lot."

2009 Rockies team OBP: .343 (2nd in NL)

2009 Rockies runs scored: 804 (2nd in NL)

2010 Rockies team OBP: .333 (10th in NL)

2010 Rockies runs scored: 195 (9th in NL)

Let's be very clear that the number one reason that the Rockies aren't scoring runs has little to do with a lack of power from the heart of the lineup, but almost everything to do with a lack of baserunners. For whatever reason, the team's focus on the OBP of minor leaguers hasn't translated to the MLB level this season as it did last year.


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