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Monday Rockpile: What a great weekend!

The sun is shinin', the birdies is chirpin', and what's this? It seems as if there's some sort of new life springing from the bats during this hapless May.

To clarify the title, we're pretending Friday was part of the week and not the weekend. Well I guess it is. My entire point was we got to see Francis twirl a gem on Saturday, and while Cook was FAR from his best on Sunday (although 12 GB is pretty solid despite his 1:4 K:BB on the day), the Rockies offense really showed some muscle. We got to see Giambi pound one to CF, we saw Tulo crank one to LF, and what the hey, Seff Smiff drew a couple of walks. More awesomely, we pounded Greinke for 8 runs (7 earned, but who's counting?) and showed the Royals what's what.

In other news that could possibly fall under the TMI category, Jason Hammel is telling us that his groin is feeling much better. It flared up, he had a meh start, and suddenly it goes away. That groin excuse won't save you too much longer, Jason. SABR stuff aside, just get the job done brother, we'll love you more for it.

Speaking of awkward groin issues, Huston Street is also reporting that that groin trouble is gone, and he'll be throwing some pen sessions at Coors Field this week before we start talking about minor league rehab assignments. ETA is set somewhere in mid-to-late June. We're going to have an absurd "trade deadline" if we're still using that as the comparison for players recovering from whatever ailments they're hampered by.

Also in the above link, Eric Young Jr. is pain-free, but we're going to wait on x-rays to tell us some more information. Seriously sports rehab on broken/fractured limbs is insane. The fact that the timetables on bones is practically carved into stone blows my mind, while things like "strains" and "soreness" will sideline a player for a season. Sports, am I right?!

Bad news from that same link though, as Greg Reynolds now has elbow problems. The man simply cannot catch a break.

To bring up a lighter note, apparently Scott Podsednik eats great and Brad Hawpe has learned from him. While the guys get mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese while eating out as a team, Scotty Pods would feast upon broccoli and other good for you crap and apparently it's showing, as Podsednik has never felt better in his life and Brad Hawpe gets all tired. Whatever, I'm not buying it. Much as I enjoy broccoli, that healthy stuff is just gonna make you all green. Mashed Potatoes make you like 4x the American than the standard healthy fare does. Mmmmmm macaroni and cheeeeeese...

The point of the above article really wasn't meant to be about food so much as it was about general athletic/baseball wisdom being passed from player to player, and that's what makes sports in general so great. Veteran players impart wisdom to their younger counterparts, some listen, some don't, some become great, some are just great regardless of what they eat. I might have to begrudgingly admit that maybe Broccoli is good for you. Because Scott Podsednik said so. Nothing about those past 2 sentences sat comfortably with me.

In more somber news, career journeyman pitcher and generally fun guy Jose Lima passed on this weekend, falling to a massive heart attack. While this doesn't directly affect our club all that much, it's always tragic to see somebody taken that young in life. Take a moment and reflect. Seriously.

Couple of links past the jump

Hell has frozen over. I agree with Mark Kiszla. Sort of. I guess Hell is just kind of slushy right now or something.

Kiszla: It's time for the Rockies to bench Helton

Citing his miserable SLG, Kiszla suggests that it's time for Helton to take a seat. I feel dirty agreeing with him. But there's good news, as I can still disagree with his replacement option, Jason Giambi. He cites Giambi's igniting dinger in Sunday's game against Kansas City for the reason that the Giambino should be the one taking the "lion's share" of the ABs at 1B. What about Helton's dinger off of Carlos Silva? It wasn't Helton's fault that the Rockies couldn't figure anything else out the rest of the day. If we're gonna stick Giambi in there at 1B, fine, he is posting a wOBA about 15 points higher than Helton. So basically Kisz was right by citing SLG, but stupid for citing GAME CHANGING DINGER or whatever. Helton still is walking a metric ton, and his wRC+ has poked up about 30 points between April-May, but yeah. At least demote the man in the lineup. Or, you know, play a defensively superior outfield defense and keep Hawpe's bat in the lineup at 1B. Just sayin'.


Around the league, Jim Armstrong brings us a piece on Colorado native Luke Hochevar and how he wants to actually fill out his scouted potential. Good onya, Luke!


Apparently Dexter Fowler's wall-scaling glove retrieval got some attention from more than just me and my buddy watching the game from the bar. You rule, Dex.