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Chris Iannetta recalled from AAA Colorado Springs

Hat tip to user 5280 for catching this one.


Catcher Chris Iannetta was recalled today after being sent down on April 27 while posting a season line of .133/.235/.333/.568/.244.

Iannetta was sent down due to not only the low batting average, but because his swing still had a nasty uppercut, leading him to press at the plate, hit an inordinate amount of fly balls, strike out too much, and generally not play major league ball. Additionally, new acquisition Miguel Olivo was in the midst of a powerful hot streak and Iannetta was struggling to find the playing time required to fix the hitch in his swing.

During his short stint in AAA, Iannetta batted .349/.447/.698/1.146, belting 5 homers.

Sky Sox Manager Stu Coles cites Iannetta's work as "outstanding" and that Iannetta had gotten enough playing time to get back into the swing of things.


Welcome back, Chris! Now let's see some undeniable awesomeness from both of our backstops, y'all hear?