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Rockies 4, Giants 0: Ubaldo Jimenez improves to 10-1, 0.78 ERA in shutout of Giants

10-1. 0.78 ERA. Yeah, those are Ubaldo Jimenez's stats after throwing a complete game shutout against the Giants. We are not worthy.

His road ERA stands at 0.52. We are not worthy.

That ninth inning was a bit tricky with the Sandoval double and the Huff walk coming with two outs. But on U-Ball's 128th and final pitch of the game, Juan Uribe flew out.

Pitcher of the month?

How the Rockies scored: With Troy Tulowitzki on third and Ian Stewart on second, Clint Barmes hit a ball of the middle that deflected off the pitcher's mound and saw both Tulo and Stewart score. Todd Helton hit a double in the fifth to score Seth Smith. Ian Stewart scored on a error by Dan Runzler the next inning.



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