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Tuesday Rockpile: Ubaldo the Unmerciful

Ubaldo Jimenez transcends Chuck Norris jokes.  Simple facts about Jimenez are far more impressive:

  • He threw 101mph last night.  As a starter.  I guess that's what we get for stopping him at 95 pitches his last time out.  Plus, he can throw a 92mph splitter, 92mph slider, 90mph changeup and 80mph curve.
  • Jimenez leads MLB in wins, ERA, strikeouts, ERA+ (that's at 540), fastball velocity, strikeouts in a game and dropped jaws.
  • The live ball era record for scoreless innings following a no-hitter now belongs to Ubaldo, as well as the Rockies' scoreless innings streak by a starting pitcher.
  • He is the fourth pitcher in the last 11 seasons to win his first six games while holding opponents to fewer than three runs each outing.
  • Sure, Ubaldo gave up four hits last night, but when those batters came up again, he punched them out.
  • Sure, Ubaldo gave up a run last night and lost his scoreless streak, but it was driven in by a guy who shouldn't have been batting.
  • Ubaldo Jimenez made Adrian Gonzalez look like Alberto Gonzalez.
  • He struck out a career high 13 batters despite not having very good secondary stuff.  At all.
  • Ubaldo's awesomeness compels other to join him.  There were four pitchers with a sub-1.00 ERA in April, one less than the previous eight years combined.
  • He is the only MLB player who has the ability to beat Dexter Fowler in a smiling contest.
  • In the last 49 years, four pitchers finished April with at least five wins and a sub-1.00 ERA.  All four won the Cy Young Award.
  • He can hit too.
2010 - Ubaldo Jimenez 6-0 6 6 1 1 0 0 41.1 26 4 4 0 16 44 0.87 1.02


Alright.   I could go on all morning....

Rockies' Tulowitzki beats April showers with .304 average - The Denver Post  Not only did AprilTulo hit above his career average, but he hit over .300.  The power will come.

Tracy's patience pays off with two-run double from Barmes - The Denver Post

Barmes was the MVP of the game last night outside of Jimenez, driving in the first two runs and making a couple spectacular defensive plays.

Injury Updates after the jump:

Jeff Francis

Will pitch Thursday at AA Tulsa with a pitch count of 75.  He will also pitch May 11, after which he may get the call back to the big club.  If all goes well, he could be starting as early as that weekend against Washington or the following Monday at Wrigley Field.  Watch out, Greg Smith.


Taylor Buchholz

Will begin a rehab assignment at Hi-A Modesto tomorrow.  He is scheduled to pitch in the Nuts' game.


Huston Street

Will throw bullpen session today, possibly pitching in a game at extended Spring Training on Friday. 


Brad Hawpe

Will attempt baserunning drills today.  He will report to AAA Colorado Springs Friday for a rehab assignment could be back with the team when his DL stint expires on Saturday.


Jason Hammel

Will likely start a rehab assignment this week.  Troy E. Renck describes Hammel as "rapidly getting healthy."


Greg Reynolds

Will begin a rehab assignment Friday by starting a game for Hi-A Modesto.   According to Tracy Ringolsby, he threw 68 pitches in an extended spring training game yesterday.


Samuel Deduno

Will be out at least a month with a stress fracture in his elbow.

Thank you Twitter.


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