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Saturday Rockpile: Is Ubaldo human? I still don't think so.

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Rockies win though soggy night slows Ubaldo - The Denver Post
Ubaldo Jimenez had to sit through a two hour rain delay. His pre-game routine, which is so important for baseball players, especially those who only play every fifth day, was not a routine at all, as he had to sit down and get back up to warm up several times. He couldn't get a grip on the ball, resulting in his velocity sitting around 93 MPH. The cold has always been his nemesis. And yet, he still threw out a quality start (6 IP, 3 ER) and struck out six batters. Ubaldo was not himself last night, and he was the first to admit it. But, he fought through it and with the help of an offense that apparently needed a splash of cold water to the face to wake up, he won the game. Everybody says he's human now, but I kindly disagree. It's not human to face that kind of adversity, and still escape with a quality start and a win, not to mention a rain-aided complete game. There are elements of baseball that are more than just statistics that you can look at on a computer screen. There is such a thing as intangibles (though, I'm not sure if you can actually win on a walk-off intangible, as this article would suggest). This man has them. All of them. The man is an animal. He leaves me speechless after every single outing. That is all I have left to say.

Tracy says Rockies' time to decide is now - The Denver Post
More "crossroads" talk from Jim Tracy, though I tend to agree. Jim Armstrong has some numbers that scream "average" - the Rox, heading into last night, were 30-30 overall, including 9-9 vs. lefties, 21-21 vs. righties, and 4-4 in extra innings. Hey, could be worse. Also, Armstrong has some injury updates, including details on Huston Street's sub-par rehab outing last night (which was covered in this morning's Pebble Report), and an update on Jorge De La Rosa, who says he feels "stronger than ever." We still may not see him until August, however.

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Spilborghs all right vs. lefties - The Denver Post
Spilly got a little justice for himself and his club last night, as he scorched a line drive that Fred Lewis lost in the rain for his second double (and third extra base hit) in three at-bats. It seems as if the Rockies have hit a lot of screaming liners that have ended up in gloves, so good for him. Ryan is now five for his last six against lefties, which is big, considering he was expected to somewhat fill the role of "big right-handed bat off of the bench" - definitely not a role he is (or should be) accustomed to, but he's trying to make the best of it.

Your Annual Matt Murton Update | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs' Jack Moore provides an update on former Rockie Matt Murton. He appears to be doing very well in Japan, as his .343/.393/.500 line would suggest. I believed from the moment his contract was sold to the Hanshin Tigers that he should have been able to latch on to a major league team somewhere. The Rockies just didn't have room for him, plain and simple.

Twitter / Tracy Ringolsby: Rockies sign No. 2 pick, R ...
The Cowboy tweets that the Rox have signed Chad Bettis, their second round pick. Be sure to follow Rox Girl's 2010 Draft Signing Diary for all of the latest Rockies-related draft news. I promise you, 'Girl's got it COVERED.