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Rockies Draft: CWS super-regional thread. Kyle Parker to play Josh Rutledge tonight

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I don't know if there's that much interest in watching some of the Rockies draft picks play today, but here are the CWS games where some of our potential future players are involved:

Coastal Carolina vs. South Carolina - Game 1 (in progress)

Rockies picks: none

TCU vs. Texas - Game 2 (in progress)

Rockies picks: none

Florida St. vs. Vanderbilt - Game 2 (in progress)

Rockies picks: Geoff Parker, FSU (9th round) - Parker pitched last night (and not too well in the FSU win) so I don't know if they'll use him again today or save him for tomorrow.

Oklahoma vs. Virginia - Game 1

3:00 EDT

Rockies picks: None. Virginia centerfielder Jarrett Parker was a second round pick of the Giants, one of a school record nine Cavaliers drafted (the Reds and Braves stocked up on two apiece). The D-backs took OU senior reliever Jeremy Erben late in the draft (28th round), while the Marlins took two of the five Sooners selected.

Clemson vs. Alabama - Game 1

6:00 EDT

Rockies picks: Kyle Parker, Clemson (1st round), Josh Rutledge, Alabama (3rd round) - This game should be a good opening card before tonight's Blue Jays game for Rockies fans (or a substitute should that one prove a rainout) as we get to watch two of our four top picks.

By the way, Parker has dismissed Peter Gammons' rumors that he might be playing football for Clemson next season.

Miami vs. Florida - Game 2

7:00 EDT

Rockies picks: None. Unless I missed somebody, nobody on either current team was selected by an NL West club. The best player selected was Miami's catcher, Yasmani Grandal, chosen 12th overall by the Reds (this would have been our compensation pick had we not signed Tyler Matzek last season) while the Padres have two Gator commits in their draft, including first round pick Karsten Whitson. I guess we're hoping that the Florida players all arrive with super-models hanging off of them and sports cars. but beyond that there's not much reason to watch from a Rockies point of view. It should be a good college matchup, though.


UCLA vs. Cal State Fullerton - Game 2

7:00 EDT

Rockies picks: Chris Giovinazzo, of, UCLA (21st round). Giovinazzo has warmed up with the season after a slow start, but he's still relegated to the Bruins bench. He went hitless in a pinch hit at bat last night. Fellow outfielder Brett Krill was selected a little while later in the draftby the Giants and Niko Gallego, ss, was drafted by the Diamondbacks. Gallego's the son of Rockies third base coach Mike Gallego and was drafted by the Rockies out of high school in 2007.

Fullerton's the destination of Rockies supplemental first round selection Peter Tago if he fails to sign and is the current home of Giants first rounder Gary Brown. Titans shortstop Christian Colon was the fourth overall selection by the Kansas City Royals.

Arkansas vs. Arizona St.

8:00 EDT

Rockies picks: None

Razorbacks pitcher Mike Bolsinger was a 15th round pick by the Diamondbacks. Sun Devils LHP Josh Spence and catcher Xorge Castillo were selected by the Padres in later rounds. Interesting Rockies related trivia: before being recruited as the new coach when the old one had to resign in a recruiting scandal, current Sun Devils head coach Tim Esmay was slated to join the Rockies front office as a special assistant to Dan O'Dowd in the summer of 2009.