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Rowbot Radio - Episode 17

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<em>Rowbot Radio</em>
Rowbot Radio

Welcome to Rowbot Radio Episode 17! On this edition, Andrew and I discuss lots of information that is already outdated, including the draft, Huston Street, and Todd Helton's offensive production.

When we recorded this on Saturday, 2 draft picks had signed, Street looked likely to join the team in Minnesota and Todd Helton wasn't doing anything. My how things change. Therefore, the following post-recording, pre-posting addendums:

1. 11 draft picks have signed now, including Mark Tracy who is mentioned having not been signed in the podcast.
2. Huston Street will now be activated for the Boston series at the earliest.
3. Todd Helton seems to be responding to his new eyewear.

I believe I will be trying to shorten the turnaround between recording and releasing so these sorts of gaps stop occurring.

Also, there are a couple times where the audio is wonky in terms of volume especially right at the end. Not much I could do about it in post.

Finally, if you look below the jump, you will see that we have embedded a player into the post, in case you don't want to click onto the download window to listen.

Rowbot Radio - Episode 17