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Friday Rockpile: Three on the Road

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After a short three game road trip, the Rockies are returning home for a break from the interleague festivities, taking on the Milwaukee Brewers, whom we haven't seen since the first series of the year. This will be the first of two visits Milwaukee makes to Coors Field this year, resulting from the discontinuity of numbers between the AL and NL. Twelve of the sixteen NL teams must have one extra NL series.

I don't really have a lot to say today, other than the obvious. This series against Milwaukee would be a great time for us to stop playing down to our competition. But there is no further need for me to reiterate the obvious (win baseball games, and the like). Let's just keep having some fun this season.

Rockies News's Thomas Harding reviews yesterday's Ubaldownage. Noted in the writings are Tulowitzki's injured wrist, and Gonzalez' bruised knee. ESPN's AP game wrap notes that Tulo's wrist does not appear to be broken, but an X-Ray is not expected to be performed on Monday. Tulo very well may be sitt9ing tomorrow as a precaution, but sitting him three days before an X-Ray makes no sense, and is probably hopefully some kind of mistake. No real word on Gonzalez at the time of writing. Hat tip to Holly96 for the ESPN link.

The Denver Post's Jim Armstrong posts a piece on Ian Stewart's recent slump. Stewart was one of our most positive offensive contributors out of the gate, but now rests among our least productive, and is losing starting time to Melvin Mora.

"I've been fortunate with that, so I'm just trying to stay positive. It's just a matter of time before I get going again." - Ian Stewart

Armstrong also believes Carlos Gonzalez deserves a gold glove.

In case you missed these links in the game wrap thread yesterday, here are a few Ubaldo skeptics from around the net.

Jack Moore at Fangraphs
Dan Wade at Baseball Prospectus

While I believe it is fair to be skeptical that Jimenez will keep on pace to win 30 games for very much longer, I do take issue with the idea that there would be better pitchers to take than our own Ubaldo Jimenez right at this point. There are a lot of MLB pitchers that have more impressive track records than Jimenez, but I can't say that there's been anybody constantly shutting down opposing offenses as he has this season thus far. It's interesting to try and identify exactly what's on these people's minds on both sides, whether or not the Ubaldo obsession is fueled by purple tinted glasses, or if those like the authors of the above articles have any sort of predisposition to doubt certain types of performances.

Frankly, I don't think it's even an argument worth having. Everyone is going to have different standards of "best", and will find evidence in Ubaldo's performance to attempt to legitimize their opinions. But for a larf, read the comments on the Fangraphs article (adult content). Thanks to those that posted these articles in yesterday's game wrap.

Matt Eddy at Baseball America has yet to post his minor league transactions of the week, but here is the link to the page in case he does sometime today.

Another slow news day. Have a pointless joke of a poll to entertain yourselves for ten seconds!