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Saturday Rockpile: Fallout of Tulo injury results in trade speculation, more

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Purple Row (and all of SB Nation) had some issues this morning, but it looks like we're back online. Here's a few mostly Troy Tulowitzki-related links:

Rockies May Pursue Infield Depth: MLB Rumors -
Troy E. Renck quoted Dan O'Dowd as saying that the Rockies would look into acquiring infield depth in this article, which led to MLBTR's Luke Adams' speculation of who is on the market. Names like Stephen Drew (who is unlikely because he is a starting-caliber shortstop but still may be worth acquiring just so he stops killing the Rockies), Ryan Theriot, and others are being thrown around. It will be interesting to see if the Rox ride out the trio of Chris Nelson, Clint Barmes, and Jonathan Herrera, or if they make a move. I vote for the latter option.

Tulowitzki Out 6-8 Weeks | FanGraphs Baseball
Jack Moore from FanGraphs has his own commentary on the Tulo injury, mentioning we we all already know - that it is a huge blow to a contending team, regardless of the team's depth which in the middle infield, isn't exactly strong for the Rox. Moore throws some names of trade candidates around as well - two of which weren't mentioned by MLBTR in Akinori Iwamura and Kelly Johnson.

Finding Tulo's replacement - ESPN (Insider Only)
Buster Olney throws out a couple of names that weren't mentioned in the previous two articles - Craig Counsell, Julio Lugo, and perphaps most interestingly, Dan Uggla. If the Rockies were to acquire Uggla, he'd obviously play second base (with Barmes/Nelson covering shortstop) and would be a nice offensive replacement for Tulo. And, when Tulo comes back, the Rockies would have the most formidable middle infield in baseball - at the plate, at least; Uggla isn't known for his defense.

The Tulowitzki Injury | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
FanGraphs' Mike Axisa provides those brokenhearted fantasy owners out there with some names of guys who could end up being somewhat viable stop gaps in fantasy leagues.

Builder hustling to get D-Backs' spring park ready
Here's an update on the progress of Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, which is of course also the Rockies' new spring training facility.