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Thursday Rockpile: Ubaldo's cult much better than Strasburg's cult

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Warning from RMN: Today's Rockpile goes INSANELY off-topic. There are no bigtime trade rumors. We have some reactions to the game, to Ubaldo, to Tracy reacting to Ubaldo, and it's just downhill from there.

As for the offtopic conversation, Mondogarage recommends RMN some new music, there is food discussion, some brief cinematic talk, a New England apologist, and other randomness.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled RG



So you want to join pitcher's cult, huh? Well have you given much thought to which one's right for you? Not all pitcher cults are created equal, after all, and while you might have heard of some new fangled religions that promise they have all the answers, do they really? Let's compare:

Will the cult's followers do anything to make sure a blemish in the leader's record is not registered?

Stephen StrasburgNo - Nationals lose one to nothing

Ubaldo JimenezYes - Rockies win, eight to six


Does the cult have prominent disciples that emulate the master's teachings?

Strasburg: No, unless you count Livan Hernandez, but he's like 60, so wouldn't it be the other way around?

Ubaldo: Yes, Jason Hammel has seen the ways of dominance and has become one with them. Jhoulys Chacin has had the most Ubaldo-like start of this series with the Red Sox thus far.

Does the cult preach respect for the game's elders and tradition?

Strasburg: No - so far he hasn't seen a record he feels is worth letting stand

Ubaldo: Yes - Jimenez understands that some special numbers,like Bob Gibson's 1968 ERA record, should remain intact.

Will the cult get to the playoffs?:


Ubaldo: Yes, well, the chances are a lot better at the very least.

This should make it clear that sometimes the new flashy pitcher cults might not have all the answers they claim to. Choosing a pitcher cult to follow is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, with eternal ramifications.., well, ramifications that extend until your next year's fantasy draft at any rate. Make sure you pick the correct one. Check the facts, talk about it and weigh the options. When you make the right decision, your life is filled with happiness and peace waiting for the next Ubaldo start, rather than the uncertainty and depression that comes with watching John Lannan or Craig Stammen pitch instead.

You'll be glad you chose Ubaldo, he won't let you down. Or at least, Ian Stewart and Jason Giambi will make sure you don't feel let down.

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Arizona Diamondbacks to retire Luis Gonzalez's No. 20 - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
"Diamondbacks to retire Gonzalezs No. 20 Arizona Diamondbacks to retire Adrian Gonzalezs No. 20" 

That's really the way the link came from FoxSports. While it looks like a name error on the surface, given that the article is actually about Luis, and not Adrian, my guess is that it's actually a ploy by Josh Byrnes to one up his former employer Theo Epstein in the trade for A-Gon war. "We are already retiring the jersey he'll wear for us, you have to trade him here.

Clemson wins 6-4, needs 1 win to make CWS finals - College Baseball - - The Rockies can't sign Kyle Parker until he stops winning. The last time we drafted a first round position player that led his teams to this much success was when we picked a shortstop from Long Beach State a few years back. That turned out pretty well.

Owner Dick Monfort says Rockies better off "weathering storm" - The Denver Post


Street thrown into action - The Denver Post