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Saturday Rockpile: Hawpe day-to-day, more

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First day back from vacation. I have A LOT going on and there isn't much out there this morning, so I'll limit this to short links.

Hawpe day-to-day with bruised ribs | News
Good news for the Rockies, as it doesn't look like Brad Hawpe will miss an extended period of time after introducing his ribs to a wall in Angel Stadium. Day-to-day is the word so far...Dexter Fowler is waiting patiently in Triple-A in the event that Hawpe for some reason has to have a DL stint.

Rockies' Olivo makes bid for all-star berth - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders makes a case for Miguel Olivo being a National League All-Star. Hey, I voted for him...I don't think it's too far-fetched of an idea. Olivo has been solid throughout the entire first half of the season. Not just offensively, either, as his 52% caught stealing rate would suggest.

Herrera fuels Rockies' win - The Denver Post
Jonathan Herrera not only won the game for the Rox last night, but he also extended his hitting streak to seven games, during which his is hitting a tick under .500 (14-30). He has been heck of an impressive singles hitter (as in, all 16 of his hits have been one-baggers) in filling in for Troy Tulowitzki. Sustainable? Probably not, as his BABIP is at exactly .400, but it has been fun to watch either way.

Former All-Stars Baylor, Rojas to manage XM All-Star Futures Teams | Official Info
Rockies hitting coach Don Baylor will join Christian Friedrich and Wilin Rosario in the Futures Game. Baylor will play the role of manager for the U.S. Team.

Sources: Seattle Mariners could trade Cliff Lee soon - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
76 strikeouts, four walks, and ready to join your club for a bag of prospects. I know the Rockies don't necessarily NEED a guy like Cliff Lee, but entertain us and yourselves for a while - what would it take (or, what would you be willing to give) to get this guy, and would it be worth it?

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Tampa Bay Rays - Recap - June 25, 2010 - ESPN
Edwin Jackson threw an eight-walk no-hitter. He also threw 149 pitches (which, for Insiders, ESPN's Buster Olney further dissects here). That is impressive. There must be something seriously wrong with the Rays...I'm not discounting Jackson's effort, per se, but they've been no-hit three times in less than a year.