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Rockies 3, Padres 13: Rockies fail to sweep Padres, lose big in game that felt like it was never going to end, sort of like this title because at this point I'm just typing words in order to not write about how the Rockies lost, or something.

Just when it looked like the Rockies would sweep the Padres and start them on a 15-game losing streak, those Friars had to come back the final day of the series. Now taking two out of three isn't bad, but this game was just horrible. Jeff Francis allowed eight runs in three innings, which was followed by Franklin Morales allowing four more runs. In the fourth inning alone, the Padres scored six, and in the sixth four more runs scored. Manny Corpas allowed the 13th run of the game in the sixth, but had a clean seventh inning.

The Rockies scored three runs on two doubles. Johnny Herrera doubled in the second to drive in two and Seth Smith followed later in the game (the eighth) to put the Rockies' third run on the board.

Oh well, time for a four-game series at home against the Giants.

41 - 37


Lost 1




Wow, that's just horrible and distressing.

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