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Monday Rockpile: Well, that could've gone better.

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Ok, yes, that Arizona series was downright frustrating. I will not be the one to deny that. Losing two tight games that we could've won made me squirm in my seat as well, and it would've been far uglier had the power of Ubaldo not saved us from a road sweep.

Still, after all is said and done, I'll take a .500 road trip that follows a .667 homestand. Big picture? We've won more than we've lost. Small picture? We're leaving small nations on the basepaths. I think I saw Ryan Spilborghs order a pizza from 2B, get it delivered, and eat 2 slices before he had to jog off of the field without dropping the other 6. Maybe that's the problem, the guys are hungry and when Spilly ordered that pizza, the other guys decided to just make a couple of quick outs so they could mooch some of that baked Italian goodness off of him. Little did they know that it was Dominos pizza and they probably wouldn't want it anyhow. Seriously, Spilly, you can afford Papa John's, you don't have to settle.

Anyhow, news.

Ubaldo Jimenez is awesome. Troy Renck brings us some Sunday postgame snippets, including a broken franchise record, some history, and rap lyrics.


Morales' shoulder feels stronger after rest. Good to hear that that shoulder fatigue was just that. Shoulder fatigue. No, I don't buy it either, just roll with it. Harding also brings us a little snippet about Jim Tracy and the draft.


Giambi's soreness invites tinkering by Tracy. Yes, because he needs an excuse. Seriously though, when your players are hurt, tinkering is pretty much the inevitability. Not much here that we couldn't have deduced on our own, but Harding tends to present it in decent ways.

Ok honestly I just wanted to post that headline. Too good to pass up.


Hammel gets tough test in red-hot Astros. Jordan Schelling of gives us a good looking series preview of Houston. He also presents this fact: The 33 scoreless inning streak by Ubaldo was bookended by the 2 home runs he's allowed this season. The last run given up was to Adam Dunn, and then the streak ended on Conor Jackson's longball. Weird.


Ubaldo edges D-backs for 11th victory. Harding brings us what looks like a pretty standard game wrap, and it probably wouldn't be news-worthy if he hadn't included this opening line:

Maybe this should crawl across the bottom of the TV screen: Breaking news: Rockies RHP Ubaldo Jimenez confirms he is human.

Ok that's really funny. Good job, Thomas.


VORP and the Rockies. This isn't a news article, but a look at Baseball Prospectus' VORP leaderboards. 2 things to look at: 1. They really, really, really, really need to update their player profile pictures; 2. Only one of our top-3 pitchers by VORP is in the rotation. Sadly enough, Statcorner agrees with #2 (pRAA instead of VORP, same concept). The good news is that the Rockies' pitching staff is rated as the most valuable in the majors again via Fangraphs.


More news and links beteen 8:30-9:00.

Welllll it's looking like most of the newest news is about the draft, so I'll go ahead and leave what we have for this morning. There'll be all sorts of draft coverage today, so stay tuned.