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2010 Rockies Draft Thread 1: Are Rockies centering in on Aaron Sanchez or Kyle Parker?

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We've had two prominent media outlets with sources in the know pointing the Rockies to California prep right hander Aaron Sanchez with the 26th pick in tonight's first round of the MLB amateur player draft. First's Jonathan Mayo suggested the Rockies would pick Sanchez in his mock draft of a few days ago saying Rockies scouts were following the Pasadena pitcher closely, and today the Denver Post's Troy Renck echoed that sentiment including Sanchez along with Nick Castellanos, Virginia Tech RHP Jesse Hahn and local high school RHP Kevin Gausman, you can read more about Gausman here.

Jim Callis at Baseball America suggests that the Rockies might pick Clemson quarterback/OF Kyle Parker in his mock draft, which would follow a proud Rockies tradition of QB/sluggers that includes Todd Helton and Seth Smith. Working against Parker is that he's not a backup as a quarterback to a Manning brother. Callis brings up another wild card the Rockies could select in Cam Bedrosian, son of former major leaguer Steve Bedrosian. For now, until we get more confirmation about how heavily they're in on Bedrosian, I'm going to put him on a backburner, but keep him in mind. 

With Hahn's injury becoming a problem again and shortening yesterday's start, it might be safe to move off him as a possibility for the #26 pick, but we should look to see if he slips to the Rockies supplemental selection at #47. DItto with Gausman, as it seems he's been slipping on most boards. So that seems to narrow the Rockies down to three key players barring a surprising drop of a more elite talent: Sanchez, Parker or Castellanos

Sanchez  seems to be drawing first round interest from several clubs, and Parker's not likely to last until #47 either, but both could easily be available to the Rockies at #26. I don't think Nick Castellanos reaches the Rockies, as he (given who's been scouting him) could be picked by at least four teams between #14 and #24, the Brewers, Rangers, Red Sox or Giants, and I wouldn't rule out the Rays at #17 as a possibility either. The Giants in particular like him, and their pick at #24 would seem to be his floor barring a scenario that sees Ball State 2B/OF Kolbrin Vitek drop to them as well. 

I'll update this thread with more as other mock drafts come out this afternoon, Mayo, MLB Bonus Baby's Andy Seiler and Fanhouse' Frankie Piliere all are going to have some for us today.

UPDATE (2:30 EDT):

The later mock drafts that have come out have the Rockies taking the Citadel's Asher Wojciechowski and HS 3B/OF Nick Castellanos. everybody seems to be indicating that the Rockies strategy right now is basically to wait and see who drops to them that's higher on their list.