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Thursday Rockpile: Winning Padres series puts Rockies in good position if history holds, Morales optioned

Despite yesterday's blowout loss, winning the series in San Diego has put the Rockies in an excellent position if they continue to have the same kind of post-June success that they have the last three years 

NL West Standings

San Diego 46 32 .589 0 Won 1
Los Angeles 43 35 .551 3 Won 3
Colorado 41 37 .525 5 Lost 1
San Francisco 40 37 .519 5.5 Lost 5
Arizona 31 48 .392 15.5 Won 1

(updated 7.1.2010 at 9:50 AM EDT)


National League Wild Card Standings

New York 44 34 .564 0 Won 1
Los Angeles 43 35 .551 1 Won 3
St. Louis 43 35 .551 1 Lost 1
Philadelphia 41 35 .539 2 Lost 1
Colorado 41 37 .525 3 Lost 1
San Francisco 40 37 .519 3.5 Lost 5

(updated 7.1.2010 at 9:48 AM EDT)

The Rockies record from July 1 on the past three seasons:


  • 2009: 51-34
  • 2008: 42-37
  • 2007: 51-31


Now the fan confidence poll on the left suggests that Rockies fans don't really deserve the kindness the team has shown in the past since they are of so little faith. A 49 would suggest that Rockies fans deserve a slightly less than .500 team that has little prospect of getting anywhere the rest of the way like say the A's or the Blue Jays. Come on people, shape up. We have our enemies right where we want them, too busy worrying about everybody else to realize we're using their drag.

For your punishment, I'm going to make you have to click through for the links:

Yeah, actually I'm just going to present them without comment. The team continues to juggle their young talented and wildly inconsistent relievers between AAA and the majors, this time with Esmil Rogers replacing Morales. It sort of reminds me of that movie Mulholland Drive, where the waitresses/starlets are so interchangeable that they're really actually interchanged frequently in the weird parallel dimensional twists. It doesn't really matter which one is which as they all seem destined for some sort of unhappy ending once their moment does arrive.

So Manuel Corpas equals Franklin Morales equals Esmil Rogers equals Manny Corpas. Uhp, see there's my non-confidence slip showing, bad Rox Girl. This time it will be different: Esmil Rogers will shine and he won't have to unlock some creepy cube of doom he gets off of a homeless man behind the Denny's:

The Rockies owe much of the success that they have had over the last few seasons to their savvy in the International free agency market. With the opening of that signing period just a day away, it will be interesting to follow who Rolando Fernandez and the team are able to acquire. Unfortunately this year with Kiley McDaniel and Jorge Arangure Jr. no longer covering international signings, the flow of information has been more limited, mostly coming from Baseball America's Ben Badler.

In any event, we'll try to keep you informed of who the Rockies do pick up. The team is not usually as involved on July 2 (although we did sign Rosell Herrera last year) as it is in picking through the leftovers afterward. Allowing the extra months or even years to see how players develop beyond what they are at 16 has allowed the Rockies to unearth finds that most organizations ignore.