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Wednesday Pebble Report: Eric Young Jr. Records Hit In Second Rehab Start

Tulsa, W 8-0
Eric Young Jr. had a hit in three at-bats before Jason Van Kooten replaced him in the bottom of the sixth. Van Kooten would go one to have two hits and an RBI. Bronson Sardinha walked three times, hit a doulble, and drove in a run. Michael Mitchell and Radames Nazario each drove in two runs.

Ching-Lung Lo, Bruce Billings, Craig Baker, and Chris Malone held San Antonio to two hits. Lo and Baker allowed the hits. Also, they each walked a batter.

Tri-City, L 3-4
Mark Tracy and Jayson Langfels hit back-to-back homers to start the second inning, but the Dust Devils failed to score after that. Jared Simon drove in the other run in the first inning. Josh Sullivan walked four and gave up four in four inning. He disrupted the 4s with six hits allowed. Josh Mueller and Kraig Sitton held Eugene scoreless for the final four innings.

Colorado Springs and the rest of Triple-A baseball are on their All-Star Break. The Cal League, the Sally League, and the Pioneer League all had the night off. The DSL Rockies game was postponed.