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Monday Rockpile: Jorge Cantu is not versatile

Recent trade rumors and beat sheets have the Rockies linked to Florida Marlins 3B Jorge Cantu. I really wish they didn't.

Let's look at the pros and cons.


Jorge Cantu likely will be inexpensive for trade as far as return in prospects go. That's a good thing, I can't imagine him drawing more than a B-lister or two.

Jorge Cantu is right handed.

Jorge Cantu is slightly better at hitting LHP than he is at hitting RHP. Also, he is posting a .203 ISO v LHP. That's some decent "pop".

Jorge Cantu is taller than Melvin Mora. This suggests he'd be a better receiver at 1B, I suppose.

Jorge Cantu is a gap hitter.


While Cantu can play 1B and 3B, he's pretty awful at both. This does not equate to versatility. This equates to fantasy eligibility.

Cantu is being paid $6M this season. Add $1.8M to that and you have Dan Uggla's salary. Not that drastic of a difference.

Cantu's season line places him at 97 wRC+: slightly above average v LHP, slightly below v RHP.

While I guess that Florida plays toward pitchers, Cantu hasn't posted an OPS above .800 since 2008.

Considering that Cantu will be starting at 1B or 3B v LHP to alleviate handedness splits, the swing from RHP to LHP isn't really that drastic.

Also, since when does poor defensive play at multiple positions insinuate "versatility"?

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So here's the deal. Cantu will provide right-handed Pop to the lineup. Problem with that is that he hasn't really hit for enough power to really sell me on that Pop since 2008 either. I get that he can do it v LHP, I'm just not that blown away. Basically, Cantu really hasn't been all that great since 2008. Not a fan.

What makes it worse that we're linked to him is that he's a right-handed corner-infield backup who can't really field well and is generally unimpressive.

Sound familiar?



I'm not interested in giving up ANY prospect depth to pick up a guy like Jorge Cantu considering that he's pretty much redundant to Melvin Mora and the step up from Cantu to Mora isn't so night-and-day that it's a no-brainer to make the move. If we're going to make a move of this nature, why don't we just go after someone who is a legitimate upgrade?

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