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Rockies 2, Marlins 5: Marlins Get To Jason Hammel Early, Keep Rockies Down Until Eighth Inning (Not That It Mattered Much)

And that my friends is how the Rockies lose. Not with a bang, but with a slow whimper punctuated by a Seth Smith home run in the eighth. Jason Hammel was good for five innings, but those two innings before the good five could have been better. The ball wasn't staying down and the Marlins took advantage of it: two runs on two doubles in the first and a Gaby Sanchez three-run homer in the second. Five runs in the first two innings was enough for the Marlins enough.

Carlos Gonzalez left the game because he aggravated the bruise his left index finger, Troy Renck tweets.

The Rockies face Josh Johnson tomorrow and will certainly show him why he isn't the best pitcher in the NL.


51 - 43


Lost 1




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