Seth Smith is the Best Looking Rockie of 2010!

Yay! Congrats, Seth! You deserve it!

Seth Smith was the winner, making a strong push at the very end to stay ahead of Dexter Fowler, who got 2nd place. It may be speculated that Seths shave gave him two extra votes, but that is debatable.

Apparantly, there isn't a picture of Seth and his beard on google.

Troy Tulowitzki and Ubaldo Jimenez get 3rd and 4th place. They gave Smith some competition.

It also may be speculatedd that the votes for Tulo were fraudulent, but whatever. We love him.

Honorable mention goes to Greg Smith, who recieved 2 votes. You tried!

Also, we have a good looking team! Dont forget about Cargo, Huston, Ian, and Iannetta! Even though Jason Giambi, Manny Corpas. and Melvin Mora combined for 0 votes.

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