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Jhoulys Chacin optioned to AAA; Taylor Buchholz recalled

Being reported from Ringolsby, Renck, Andy Jasner of, Rookie RHP Jhoulys Chacin has been optioned to AAA Colorado Springs and RHP Taylor Buchholz has been called up.

The details we are seeing are varied on what Buchholz' role will be with the major league club. Renck suggests that Buchholz will be fit into a role, but not the long man, which will remain Manuel Corpas. Jasner is suggesting he'll be put into a setup role, which doesn't seem to make sense, given Beimel and Betancourt's successes in the tough spots. Jasner continues by adding the following quote from manager Jim Tracy:

"We'll figure it out when he gets here," Rockies manager Jim Tracy said. "We'll massage the situation early on."

Jhoulys Chacin has posted a 4.13 ERA over 80.2 innings of work (including 12 starts, 6 relief appearances), 87 strikeouts, 37 walks, and a FIP of 3.81. (These numbers aren't including Friday's work v Philadelphia.)

Buchholz, who has not pitched since 2008, where he posted a 2.17 ERA in a primary setup role for closer Brian Fuentes, has spent most of 2010 rehabbing, pitching 19 innings between High-A Modesto and AAA Colorado Springs. Buchholz has pitched to the tune of a 5.74 ERA, striking out 10 and walking 7 in his 16 innings in Colorado Springs.

UPDATE:  In order to make room on the 40-man roster, Eric Young Jr has been transferred to the 60-day disabled list, according to Troy Renck.

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As for the implications to the big club, I simultaneously like and dislike this move. I like it because Chacin has been very hittable as a reliever. Excellent (4+) K/BB ratio, but 2 dingers in only 7 appearances is a bit steep. Granted, small sample size, but we all know that Chacin's future is in the rotation as opposed to the bullpen. I'd rather keep him on a normal starting schedule in AAA Colorado Springs if we aren't going to use him as a starter in the majors (and he has been solid as a starter). For the sake of his development, I'm very content with this move.

However, recalling Buchholz, I feel, is a mistake. He's never been a MASSIVE strikeout pitcher, but a 5.63 K9 and 3.94 BB9 are not characteristics of Buchholz' ability. The scouting reports say his fastball is doing alright, but his big pitch is his nasty 12-6 curve which hasn't been biting the way it should thus far. There's a good chance that it might just be the Springs messing with the break and such, but it isn't looking promising at this point. Don't read this as "Buchholz is washed up" but rather "Buchholz doesn't seem to be ready from what we've seen and heard".

Rather, I wish the organization had taken another shot on Esmil Rogers, who started for AAA Colorado Springs tonight vs. the Salt Lake Bees, going 5.0 innings, striking out 8, walking 1, and earning himself the W. As a reliever for the Rockies, Rogers allowed a .712 OPS, had a 3.0 K/BB ratio, and a 3.43 ERA. He definitely had some poor games and wasn't really ready to take high leverage innings, but he was doing a lot of things right in the majors.

I hope the best for Buchholz, really I do, and I hope that he can at least touch his 2008 dominance.