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Saturday Rockpile: The Phillies are still mad, Dexter is still bad, and the Rockies are still looking for the wrong tool for the job

Making this extremely short as I need to start heading to Philly for the game...

  • Amongst Troy Renck's blurb about the burying of the hatchet that occurred between Jim Tracy and Charlie Manuel, he mentions that Dexter Fowler's slump has run up to 1-for-32 with 11 Ks. Fowler looked very good out of the gates after returning from Triple-A, but he - like the rest of the Rockies' hitters - can't seem to figure things out on the road. Only three more days...let's just get one win and get the hell out of here. Judging by last night, although the proverbial binoculargate hatchet has indeed been buried, the Phillies still don't look all that pleased to have the Rockies in their ballpark.
  • Peter Gammons believes the Rockies aren't going to be so quick to deal Chris Iannetta, whom the Red Sox still apparently badly covet, as they are intrigued about using him to platoon with Brad Hawpe at first base. Still, Giambi gets loads of the playing time, though, so it doesn't look like the Rockies' plans are bearing much fruit right now.
  • Troy Renck has heard rumblings about the Rockies' apparently ascending interest in Toronto relievers Scott Downs and Kevin Gregg, while's Jon Heyman hears that the team likes Gregg as well. Renck also says the club will make a call on Pirates All-Star Evan Meek, but all of this is of course dependent on whether or not the Rockies will be willing to part with key prospects. Hopefully, the Blue Jays and Pirates are reasonable with their demands. My question is, do the Rockies really need another reliever when there are probably other more glaring areas of need? Discuss.

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