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Sunday Rockpile: The Big Ugly

Alright, there's still not much to say about the Rockies current road trip other than blech. Blech. It is derailing pretty close to the worst case scenario unless the Rockies bounce back to win these last two games in Philadelphia. As I mentioned at the start of the trip, in that event it will require pretty much the entire month of August to make a recovery, if a recovery is to be made at all. 


Yep, I'm pretty much convinced when the MLB scheduler gives a team ten or more consecutive road games after the All Star break, they're showing a rooting interest for that team's opponents.

As for the links:


  • Troy Renck defends Todd Helton and gives some trade watch updates, mainly involving Jhonny Peralta and Kevin Gregg.
  • Irv Moss goes into the injury trouble on the farm.
  • The Rockies like to draft QB's according to Keith Jarrett of the Asheville Citizen Times, more on Russell Wilson and Kyle Parker can be found here.
  • Troy Tulowitzki's minor league rehab is sort of going in an odd pattern if he's going to Tulsa for a couple of games after appearing for the Sky Sox.
  • Blast from the Past: Andres Galarraga's huge home run off of Kevin Brown in Miami in 1997 is recalled in this blog post from Atlanta. Galarraga visited the Braves clubhouse while they were in town, I don't remember reading anything about him visiting the Rockies. I hope this isn't a sign of where his loyalties now lie. 
  • Charlie Monfort is one of several owner targets in a new book by Dave Zirin. As an opposite to Monfort's beliefs in almost all political and religious categories and as a Rockies fan, I can't say that I've felt particularly mistreated by the owner in this regard. Faith Days are a bit aggravating to go to as a heathen fan, at least they are in Cincinnati, but those are everywhere. Actually, comparing ballpark experiences in Cincy and Denver shows the Rockies to be far more enlightened and open to different beliefs/lifestyles.

Other Notes and stuff:

Denver Post: